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7 Fully Remote Career Paths That Are Hiring Like Crazy

Event planning is about creating experiences that leave a lasting impression. Without a degree, you can still make a significant mark in this field, where organizational skills and communication acumen are paramount. Professionals in this role plan a diverse range of functions in roles such as event coordinator or event planner. “There’s a hard limit on what you can make in a lot of jobs, but for loan officers, there’s no ceiling on how much you can earn,” says Glover. “It’s the kind of profession where you get whatever you put in — so if you work hard, you’re looking at a nice paycheck.” Some loan officers are paid a flat salary or an hourly rate, while others earn a commission based on sales in addition to their normal salary.

Upwork is a platform that allows companies to hire independent contractors from all over the world. This site contains many job openings across multiple industries, including engineering, writing, designing, programming, and marketing. Employers accept applicants who have design skills even without a bachelor’s degree.

How To Hire Remote Workers: 56 Tips

Here are two entry-level event planning jobs that are sometimes done remotely and often require no experience. Social media management is the process of acting on behalf of the company (brand) on online networks like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Here are three remote writing job titles that are sometimes entry-level and remote jobs that pay well without a degree require no experience (depending on the company). Programmers write, adjust, and test software code that dictates the functioning of a computer. Although programming jobs may not require experience, they most likely require proof of the skill (through a test project) or a trustworthy certification in the coding language.

Typically, it’s from one electronic source to another, although some roles may send employees paper documents to take information from. Data entry jobs are fairly common, and usually don’t rely on the employee being in the physical office location. However, there are still plenty of companies which do offer WFH jobs, and rest assured that remote work is far from dead. Candidates with a proven track record of professional transcription skills who can meet a 99% accuracy rate will qualify for this remote position. While there is no specific degree required for an SEO expert, some companies prefer applicants with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications, Marketing, or Information Technology.

Best Paying Remote Jobs Requiring No Experience

Other factors include lack of transport, poor grades in high school, or social anxiety. Some remote workers are struggling to adapt to the environment of working from home. They are not fully prepared to embrace the changes in their work habits and productivity becomes a tough challenge.